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Municipal Engineering


The planning, use and development of land within a municipality presents innumerable challenges to local governments. Robert E. Blue Consulting Engineers offers expertise and support that eases the burden and assures that the best interests of the municipality and their residents are served.

For municipalities undergoing growth, Robert E. Blue Consulting Engineers can inspect and monitor the construction of infrastructure installed by developers, verify municipal codes and conformance with Department of Transportation Specifications, manage the release of escrow funds, monitor erosion control and stormwater runoff and traffic safety conditions.

Robert E. Blue Consulting Engineers provides complete start to finish support for the planning, design and construction of public works projects such as highway projects, roadway reconstruction, environmental initiatives, park and bike path facilities design, culvert replacements, stream bank stabilization, storm drainage design projects and floodplain planning.

As a consultant to municipalities, we can respond to the resident's concerns regarding environmental and roadway issues, erosion control and storm drainage. We have the ability to provide the services of construction inspectors and sewage enforcement officers, and can also serve as alternate building inspectors when requested.

We have also found that many municipalities require the construction or redesign of community facilities, requiring a special combination of form, functionality and funding. We have a long successful record of success in planning facilities with the public's needs in mind. We have designed soccer and baseball fields, managed the layout, redesigned a reconstructed playgrounds, profiled and recommended recreational equipment for playgrounds; created bike/pedestrian paths and developed open space plans. Our capabilities also extend into the area of capital procurement. We have demonstrated a unique ability to assist Clients in obtaining public funds.