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Land Surveying

As the first step in planning and analysis, land surveying forms the basis for site development. Robert E. Blue Consulting Engineers assures precision and accuracy in land surveying. Our experience includes both large scale and individual lot projects, industrial, commercial, residential, boundary, topography and mapping services. We can supply multiple field survey crews when necessary. Our professional expertise is enhanced by the latest data collection and CAD interface technologies. We are knowledgeable in working with construction managers, contractors and design teams. We offer the following surveying services:

ACCIDENT SURVEYS - These surveys are used in court cases. We perform the field work with a level suitable to scrutiny by the courts, prepare a plan or plans that may be mounted as exhibits and provide a survey report supporting the field work and plan. This and our Expert Testimony have been useful services provided to our Client's attorneys.

ADVERSE POSSESSION - The purpose of making a claim for adverse possession is to acquire lands that a property owner believes belongs to them as a result of maintenance, improvements or understood lines of possession. We provide consultation on the validity of the claim to attorneys that specialize in this type of work. We also provide survey plans and legal descriptions for completing the claim.

ALTA/ACSM/LAND TITLE SURVEYS - These surveys as associated most often with commercial and industrial properties. ALTA/ACSM (American Land Title Association/American Congress of Surveying and Mapping) Land Title Surveys are the most comprehensive types of surveys. The requirements for this work are exacting and stringent ranging from accuracy standards to title report review and documentation.

AS-BUILT SURVEYS - Often required by municipalities or corporations, this work may include foundation, house, basin, grading and subdivision as-builts.

BOUNDARY RESEARCH AND REPORTS - We perform research at the appropriate County Courthouse, analyze the recorded information, perform deed plots in conjunction with title report data, FIRM and USGS Quad maps, soil maps and access online land research resources to make an analysis and assessment of the property for due diligence and property assessment reports.

CONDOMINIUM PLATS - We prepare plats for duplex housing, industrial, commercial and residential properties.

CONSTRUCTION LAYOUT - Horizontal and vertical field control staked for use in all varieties of residential and commercial projects.

EASEMENTS - Creation of retracement of easements (gas, water, electric, telephone, petroleum, sanitary, storm, etc.) across private and public lands.

EXPERT TESTIMONY - Court appearance and testimony by our Expert Witness.

FLOOD ELEVATION CERTIFICATES - The purpose of these certificates is to determine the need for and cost of insurance for a property that is close to or within a designated flood zone. We perform the analysis and research of the Firm maps, USGS bench runs, elevations and building evaluations for the completion of a signed and sealed elevation certificate.

LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS - Course and distance descriptions of properties, rights-of-way, lease areas, easements, etc., for recording purposes.

PROPERTY SURVEYS/BOUNDARY RETRACEMENT SURVEYS - This is the most common variety of survey. This type of survey is performed for the construction of improvements, to establish lines for fencing, or to mark the property corners prior to sale.

SUBDIVISION - We perform all aspects of subdivision planning and layout. We offer services for the boundary, topography, geometric planning, site layout and final dedication.

TOPOGRAPHIC/PHOTOGRAMMETRIC (AERIAL SURVEYS) - Depending on the size and accuracy requirements of the site, radial hand topography and new and old flight photography are used to fulfill the topographic survey needs of our Clients.

WETLANDS LOCATIONS - Survey of wetland and alluvial soils perimeter flagging as set by an Environmental Consultant.