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Land Planning and Landscape Architecture

1. Planning Services
Planning is the layout of features for any given site. Planning services offered by the firm range from large scale community and land planning services to small scale site planning for parking lot or building expansions. Planning services offered include campus master planning, urban planning, park and public open space planning, recreational planning, as well as preservation planning. The firm has experience with all scales and types of planning and examples of planning work can be viewed on the portfolio page.

This office has also won numerous planning merit awards from the Montgomery County Planning Commission which can be seen on our awards page.

2. Analysis and Feasibility Studies
The firm of Robert E. Blue Consulting Engineers, P.C. offers an array of analysis services. Before any project is started, an accurate and concise analysis is completed. Land use analysis looks at the current uses of tracts of land and determines how the different uses within an area work together to create an efficient system of land use. Land use analysis plans play a critical role in the development of zoning and overlay districts.

General site analysis is critical in any design. A design must take into account all of the factors present on the site prior to development. Factors that impact designs can range from mature vegetation to poor circulation patterns to prevailing wind patterns and sun travel paths, all helping to create an efficient site design. In the end, proper site analysis ensures that existing problems on a site are addressed, while also serving to protect and in some instances take advantage of natural features.

Once analysis of a site has been completed, a feasibility study can begin. Feasibility studies outline the best development strategies for a given site. Whether it be commercial square footage yield plans, or residential subdivision studies, the end result is that the client will know the best way to develop a given parcel, and will know what to expect in terms of required permitting and approvals along the way as developmental plans progress.

3. Sketch Plans
Depending on the site, there are often many ways in which it can be developed. The purpose of sketch plans is to develop preliminary designs of the site, making it easier to decide what developmental option would best suit the need of the client. Simply put, a sketch plan takes a feasibility study to the next level, expressing graphically what design options are available in order to achieve the yield, budgetary, and other goals of the project and client.

4. Landscape Design
Robert E. Blue Consulting Engineers, P.C. offers services covering the entire spectrum of the landscape design scale. Representative projects include both residential and commercial landscape designs. Landscape plans can be developed based strictly on Municipal or other regulatory agency requirements, or can be customized to meet the individual needs and desires of the client. Services also offered by the firm include patio, terrace, or plaza design, and inspection services to ensure that the intent of the design is carried out through construction.

5. Preservation, Remediation, Mitigation Plans
As part of a long history of improper development within the country, environmental issues were often set aside. In recent years, however, the tide has turned, and the demand for protection of natural resources has grown exponentially. Many municipalities are currently undertaking plans to preserve and in some cases reconstruct natural resources, recognizing their inherent value to the public. Preservation plans and planning ensure that the remaining natural features remain pristine and serve to protect these critical features from future development.

Remediation and restoration plans outline strategies to restore damaged natural areas to their original appearance and function. When there is no feasible way to avoid the destruction of a natural feature such as a wetland or mature forest, mitigation plans are the answer. Mitigation plans outline and specify the reconstruction of functioning wetlands and forests providing habitat for the native flora and fauna, while also ensuring the functionality of these features concerning ground water recharge and filtration.

6. Circulation Studies
As populations and densities increase, so does the need for efficient and safe circulation for both pedestrians and vehicles. Services offered include analysis of existing circulation patterns, as well as the design of new circulation patterns ensuring safe and efficient travel for both pedestrians and vehicles alike.

The firm of Robert E. Blue Consulting Engineers, P.C. also offers design review and construction implementation services. From strict landscape and general code compliance reviews, to the review of designs completed by other firms, the firm's overall goal is to ensure that all of the clients concerns and requirements are addressed.

8. Other Landscape Architecture and planning Services
Other services offered by the firm include; Color renderings and presentation boards for use during litigation and approval processes; grading and cut and fill analysis for use during the construction estimation phase; lighting design for small scale residential to large scale commercial projects; streetscape and other urban revitalization design and planning services; and Due Diligence Reports.