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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Projects are encumbered by a maze of complex regulations. Robert E. Blue, Consulting Engineers has the extensive knowledge of regulatory agency procedures and requirements as well as broad experience in infrastructure design to guide your project through the regulatory process to success. Balancing the requirements of the Clients, governmental agencies regulations and the limitations of the site takes experience. We provide the experience and logical analysis to develop and design solutions for your project. Following is a brief sampling of the engineering services we provide:



EROSION CONTROL PERMITS - We prepare erosion control calculations and permit plans to obtain general and individual National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permits (NPDES) as well as erosion control drawings for residential, commercial and stream bank stabilization projects. We are experienced with Phase 1 and 2 NPDES permitting.





ROAD AND BRIDGE DESIGN – Robert E. Blue, Consulting Engineers, P.C. is experienced in the design of vertical and horizontal roadway geometry, geometric plans for construction, preparation of profiles, grading and utility coordination drawings, and coordination with structural consultants.  All of the above are necessary parts of development.




STORM DRAINAGE AND DESIGN - Site development usually entails the design and preparation of stormwater management facilities, storm sewer collection systems and culvert installation drawings. Our experience includes preparation of hydrological/hydraulic studies for regulatory approval, and design of above and below ground stormwater management systems.



ARMY CORPS PERMITS - We prepare drawings and documentation for acquisition of State Programmatic General Permits, Individual Permits, and Nationwide Permits.

CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS - We prepare the contract documents necessary for public and private bidding.

COST ESTIMATING – We provide construction cost estimates and quantity takeoffs for proposed land development projects. 

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT - After preparing the construction specifications, we can administer contracts and bidding procedures, perform shop drawing reviews and construction inspections. We also attend, on the client’s behalf, pre-bid and pre-construction meetings.

COORDINATION OF PROJECT FUNDING THROUGH COMMUNITY GRANTS - This office has been extremely successful in the preparation of documentation to obtain financing for various public works projects in various municipalities.

DESIGN STANDARDS REVIEW AND UPDATE - We review existing ordinances and proposed upgrades to current design criteria required by Federal, State and County Review Agencies. We are also capable of reviewing the preparation of codified ordinances for municipalities.

EARTHWORK CALCULATIONS – This office can generate and/or review the computation of cut and fill quantities for projects from small to large scales.

EXPERT TESTIMONY - This office has a stellar reputation for its performance in its review and summary of litigious documentation with respect to Municipal Codes and Professional Engineering Standards. Our services include attendance and presentations at legal hearings and public meetings.

FLOODPLAIN AND FLOODWAY DELINEATIONS - After extensive investigation and research, we prepare flood boundary drawings, stream cross sections, and profiles to evaluate peak design storms. We are experienced in the use of the Hydraulic River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) and the Hydraulic Engineering Center Number 2 Water Surface Profiles (HEC-2) Programs. We can also provide our Clients with the necessary calculations for sizing bridges and culverts to convey design floods.

FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY LETTERS OF MAP REVISION - At times, for certain sites, it is necessary to prepare various application components for revisions of published flood boundaries. This office is experienced in providing the required hydrological and hydrographic calculations necessary to amend the published flood maps.

FLOODPLAIN PLANNING - The design of site plans with respect to established and computed flood boundaries, the design of stream bank stabilization methods and erosion controls, as well as the acquisition of published flood data for various site development projects are all services this office provides in relation to floodplain planning.

GRADING AND UTILITY PLANS - As a necessary aspect of the development process this office prepares site grading drawings to set proposed grades with respect to building and regulatory requirements. We also provide the layout of utilities for approval by the appropriate authority having jurisdiction.

JOINT PERMIT APPLICATIONS - We are experienced with the preparation of Chapter 105 and 404 Water Quality Permits for approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the United States Army Corps of Engineers. We are also experienced with the acquisition of General Permits for projects which entail encroachment into environmentally sensitive areas. Our experience also includes acquisition of Stream Encroachment Permits, Stream Enclosure permits and Dam Safety Permits.

SANITARY SEWER FACILITIES PLANNING AND DESIGN – We have experience in the preparation of documentation for acquisition of waivers, exemptions and sewer planning modules from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. We are experienced with preparation of the various components of sewer facility planning procedures for approval by local, County and State authorities for construction projects, and can design and develop construction plans for gravity and force main sewer facilities.

SEPTIC SYSTEM DESIGN, PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS - This office employees a licensed Sewage Enforcement Officer who can provide a site evaluation, and prepare absorption bed and component sizing and construction inspection services.

SHOP DRAWING REVIEW - This office reviews shop drawings for conformance with construction drawings and accepted construction practices.

SUBDIVISION AND LAND DEVELOPMENT REVIEWS - We are experienced in municipal and peer reviews of proposed subdivisions and land developments. We attend staff, workshop and municipal meetings, prepare certification of escrows, cost estimations and preparation of punch lists for construction projects.

UTILITY DESIGN AND APPLICATION - We prepare the application packages for approval by utility service providers. We attend coordination meetings with utilities, and are also experienced with the acquisition of permits for installation of utility lines.